The keyword 'smart home' is used to describe a house that contains a communication network that connects different appliances and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored and accessed. With a smart home, the need to touch things like light switches and thermostats is minimised. But, despite popular belief, actual smart home is more than just a few devices working with a smart speaker. An Alexa plus a smart plug and a couple of smart bulbs do not a smart home make. A smart home isn’t just a few smart devices sprinkled throughout the house.

A true smart home is when all of those devices work together as one cohesive system. By upgrading components like window blinds to motorised blinds, you not only gain the ability to control them remotely but also have them communicate with each other and react automatically on your behalf. All of your blinds and curtains in the bedroom can open and close at the same time, for example. Or, as the light moves across your windows, one set of shade can lower while the other rises. A truly integrated smart home system acts intelligently to keep your home energy efficient, safe from intruders, and convenient for you and your family.

Thanks to a smart hub and an ecosystem of devices that are built to work together, a true smart home works cohesively and smoothly, and all of your devices work in concert with each other. It's a home in which you can say, "Good morning love" and the lights turn on, the shades open, the thermostat adjusts, and even the coffee starts brewing.

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